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Professional Certified Doula Training.



Jemmais Keval is a Professional Certified prenatal, labour and postpartum Doula, Doula facilitator, EFT practitioner and Ho’oponopono coach. As a devoted mother and author of 7 books on women’s reproductive health and childbirth Jemmais Keval is enthusiastic about learning and dedicated to sharing the wealth of experience that she has accumulated over the last 13 years with expectant mothers and their families. Jemmais Keval offers a number of Doula packages to suit every family’s needs as well as offering Private consultations, Group sessions, and Workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Womb Yoga

Womb yoga is a method of yoga specifically designed to honour a women natural cycles and rhythms of fertility and nurture her relationship with her womb. The womb is the source of life and creativity, and coming into balance and harmony with our vital energies as women is vital to nurturing our health and essence.

Womb yoga provides a variety of routines specifically suited to the myriad of stages in a woman’s reproductive life, from menarche to menstruation to fertility, pregnancy, prenatal yoga, postpartum yoga and beyond.

A series of gentle geometrically progressive poses are used to restore the body’s natural alignment and posture, correcting defects in the musculoskeletal system increasing blood circulation, nutrient, and oxygen supply to vital organs and allowing the optimal life force energy to flow efficiently and abundantly through the entire body.

Womb yoga can be helpful for relieving discomfort associated with menstruation, during pregnancy to relieve and resolve sciatica, release emotional traumas held within the body and restore fertility.

Gentle exercise during pregnancy enables the mother and her growing child to stay healthy and refreshed, to increase flexibility, strength, stamina and prepare mothers for childbirth.

In combination with other techniques, such as womb pulsing and positive nutrition, womb yoga can be particularly useful in increasing and restoring fertility to women who are trying to conceive.

To learn more about Womb Yoga as developed by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli please consult her book Yoni Shakti and website http://www.wombyoga.org

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a Meridian Tapping technique devised and developed by Gary Craig of the U.S. which combines modern Psychology with Traditional Chinese Medicines knowledge of acupressure and the meridian energy pathways of the body. EFT is very simple and effective and can be applied to a vast array of issues.

We can think of the mind as a computer and the bodies energy systems as an electrical circuit. All of the data that we have in our subconscious is made from the input that we have received via our experiences during our lifetime. Emotional charges associated with certain memories, programs, and information, can at times create interference, especially if the information that we have is contradictory, if our memories are negative, painful or traumatic, or if our beliefs create fear, anxiety, guilt, shame or feelings of inadequacy.

When all is well our energy flows optimally, keeping us healthy and balanced, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. If knots and tangles have been made within our energetic circuitry, then blockages can occur, there can be stagnation, some areas of our lives (and our bodies) are overcharged where others lack energy, disharmony and dis-ease can result causing any number of problems. EFT is used to defuse these blockages of energy and neutralize the emotional charges that we may have associated with certain beliefs, feeling, memories and anxieties.

The reproductive journey, from fertility, through pregnancy to motherhood, can bring up a number of fears, issues, and traumas associated with past memories and future expectations, EFT has an extensive proven record of successfully addressing and alleviating the emotional residue associated with these thoughts, erasing their negative hold on us. Helping us to release unwanted burdens and restoring us to congruence with ourselves and our highest natures. When all of the knots and tangles have been removed, then our energy flows smoothly, we are in alignment with ourselves and with our higher natures. This allows us to manifest in our lives the most positive outcomes possible for ourselves and our families.

Individual and group sessions led by a practitioner on specific themes and issues can help to resolve long-held negative beliefs and provide relief from physical symptoms of disease as well as mental anxieties and emotional wounds, whilst providing you with the tools to practice on your own and with your family to address any issues that arise on a moment by moment basis.

The scope of EFT is infinite and advanced practitioners can use EFT in surrogacy for their clients as well as at a distance. Issues concerning women’s reproductive health can range from menstrual cramping to morning sickness, fear of childbirth, sexual trauma and parenting anxieties etc.

As mothers, EFT also represents an empathetic and insightful tool for helping us to relieve discomfort and dis-harmony for our your infants before they are able to express themselves eloquently and serves as a useful tool for peaceful parenting that children can be taught to help them deal with their own issues as they grow.

One of the most important aspects of EFT is that it is tailored specifically to the individual, addressing specific issues in the clients own language, respecting word choices and that results are quantifiable and long-lasting.

To learn more about EFT please consult Gary Craig’s website at http://www.emofree.com


Massage is one of the most practical and beneficial tools in my repertoire for relieving the discomforts and side effects associated with Pregnancy and Labour. Prenatal Massage can help to relieve aches and pains as the mother’s body adapts to a new shape and physiology. During labour itself, massage (Swedish massage and deep tissue massage), hip squeezes and the application of heat and cold can help to relieve and dissipate muscle cramps, twinges, backaches, pains, and aid in relaxing the muscles of the mothers pelvis, providing comfort during contractions and soothing mothers with light healing touch, grounding them in pleasant sensual feelings that make challenging contractions bearable.


I am a great believer in using the best quality natural ingredients which is why my massages are always conducted in a base of vegetable oils (coconut oil, almond oil, cacao butter and a number of 100% natural Vegan massage bars of my own creation) with a choice of 100% pure aromatherapy grade essential oils, specifically selected with the mother to induce relaxation, comfort, stimulation (where necessary) and pleasant associations.

Some of my favourite essential oils to use during labor include Neroli, Lime, Lavander, Rose Otto. Peppermint can be very helpful to combat nausea during pregnancy and to stimulate the release of the placenta, and Clary Sage can be used to help stimulate contractions.

Aromatherapy can be a powerful natural pain relieving method and can create a pleasant atmosphere for birth in any environment, masking disinfectants and other overpowering hospital smells.

Jemmais Keval makes a range of 100% natural plant-based vegan cosmetics and soaps scented with Pure Aromatherapy essential oils which can be purchased here at https://lahuensoaps.wordpress.com. She also offers workshops on creating natural cosmetics and soaps for her conscientious customers.


Ho’oponpono is a powerful healing tool passed down from the Native Hawaiian Kahunas (secret-keepers) and update by Kahuna Morrnah Simeona and later Dr. Hew Len based upon forgiveness, rectification of wrongs and the restoration of alignment with Divine energy. We are microcosms of the universe and our own perception defines our reality, how we interpret our experiences, the choices we make and the way we live our lives. Ho’oponopono recognizes that a great deal of erroneous data has been absorbed by our subconscious and that these beliefs are the cause of disharmony within our bodies, our relationships, our finances and our lives. By cleaning these erroneous thoughts, energies, and programs, we can restore our equilibrium and realign ourselves with our divine essence and divine purpose for being here in this world. When we are in correct alignment, then everything flows smoothly. We must first erase all of the obstacles in our path so that our journey is straight and direct.

We do not change the world, our circumstances and our state by addressing the external world. We have to look to ourselves, look within, and focus on maintaining our own balance and wholesomeness in order to produce true profound and positive change in ourselves and the world we live in. When we heal ourselves and restore our own balance, then we heal those around us, everyone that comes into contact with us is affected by our peace and we change the world. We become the examples that others need. We become our own refuge and our own sanctuary.

Ho’oponopono uses practical cleaning tools, prayer and other techniques to provide powerful healing and has been the purported source of miracles for hundreds and thousands of people that use it on a daily basis.

My own understanding of ho’oponopono develops and blossoms constantly and I have found it to work in perfect harmony with EFT, Zen Buddhist Philosophy, Macrobiotics and other tools and techniques that I use professionally as a Doula and Reproductive health specialist as well as in my own daily life as a mother.

To find out more about ho’oponopono please visit Dr. Hew Lens website http://www.zero-wise.com

Buddhism, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Simplicity, Humility, Harmony, Peace. Zen Buddhism and meditation are based upon the principles of purification of the mind. Everything starts first with the mind, and our relationships with ourselves is vital to our own peace of mind. Meditation is a wonderful practice that helps to concentrate, focus and discipline the mind. When we learn to shut out unnecessary distractions and focus our mind we generate inner peace, strength, and contentment. When we are able to develop our own inner resilience, then we are immune to the ever-changing circumstances that we find ourselves in. No matter what happens,

What anyone says or does, no matter what obstacles we face, by cultivating inner strength and realigning our priorities, we can learn to erase expectations and live simply in the experience of the present.

Meditation is a wonderful technique to learn at any age and often helps young women adjust to the hormonal fluctuations of menarche and menstruation, fertility and reproduction. During pregnancy cultivating a meditation routine can be excessively helpful when the time comes for childbirth, however, perhaps the greatest benefits of meditation can be reaped once a woman has become a mother and adjusts to the new demands and parameters of parenting and raising a family.

Breathing Techniques

Breath is life, it is the focus of our concentration and meditation and the state of our breath has a profound physiological effect on our state of being. Certain breathing techniques are specifically designed to assist with meditation and preparation for labor (combined with movement as in yoga or in repose) and others are useful primarily during the process of childbirth itself. Knowing how to breath can be tremendously helpful in alleviating tension and facilitating the optimal rhythm of contractions for a gentle manageable birth. During labor, as a Doula Jemmais is  available to help remind you to bring your awareness back to your breath and focus on the reassuring grounding movement of life flowing in and through your body.

Macrobiotics and Nutrition

As a student of Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Gourmet, Vegan and Macrobiotic cooking I have a wide range of recipes available to help mothers prepare for pregnancy, nurture their growing fetus, build up their strength in preparation for labor, and recover postpartum as well as supporting them through breastfeeding their infant(s). Nutrition is vitally important to our health, just as the building blocks of construction are vital to the building we live in, the food that we eat builds the living temple of our body which holds our soul. By emphasizing a natural, simple, plant-based diet, we can restore optimal health and enable our food to be our medicine, making us strong so that we do not become ill or unbalanced.

Macrobiotics was developed in Japan based on a traditional understanding of the relationship that food has on the bodies physical ability, mental acuity and spiritual harmony. By paying attention to the ingredients that we use, their preparation and their energy, as well as carefully observing their effects on our wellbeing, we can restore and maintain balance. A wholesome diet is a paramount ingredient in obtaining and maintaining a wholesome life and a wholesome lifestyle.

Whilst traditional macrobiotics as brought to the west is especially strict, the essence of macrobiotics (like yoga, meditation, Zen Buddhism, Ho’oponopono and EFT and other health techniques) is the restoration of balance. We always start with where we are and adapt our diet on a daily bases to reflect our environment, our needs, our health and our state of mind.

As well as preparations of wholesome and nutritious food to support women through pregnancy and postpartum, I also offer classes to help women adapt their grocery shopping, budgeting, and eating habits to provide a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.


Prenatal, Labour and Postpartm Doula Services.

Fertility preparation.

Womb yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique and positive nutrition are some of the ways that women struggling with fertility issues can restore their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and improve their chances of conceiving.

Pregnancy and Childbirth preparation

Pregnancy can be a wonderful and emotionally trying time in anyone’s life, especially those preparing for their first child. With practical preparations for the arrival of the child, troubleshooting common pregnancy complaints, addressing fears, past traumas and providing advice on birthing plans and baby planning.

Labor Packages

Valdivia and the surrounding area. This Package includes 2 prenatal visits in order to discuss your birth plan and preparations. On call for birth for two weeks based upon the estimated due date. Labour support up to 24 hours (additional support for longer labors may be charged extra). I will stay with you up to 2 hours after the birth. This package also includes a visit postpartum for follow up and assistance with lactation and newborn care. If you require additional support you can purchase Postpartum care by the hour. Consultation by phone email and text is unlimited up to the first-week postpartum. It may be necessary to consult with your hospital or birth center to confirm that they will validate your wish to be accompanied by aprofessional Doula during your labour or Cesearean birth.

Distance Doula Consultation is available worldwide. This includes consultation over the phone and via email for the prenatal, and postpartum period, and the option for eft sessions over the phone or via skype.

Prenatal Packages

Prenatal Support Charged per hour and is available in blocks of 10 sessions. These sessions can be used for support including:

  • Birth Plan Preparation
  • Accompanying you to your antenatal appointments
  • Helping you shop for your baby
  • Preparing nutritious food and stockpiling your freezer in preparation for the postpartum period.
  • Etc.

Prenatal support and postnatal support can be combined so that you book a block of 10 hours, and use 5 hours for prenatal visits and 5 hours for postpartum support, see below.

Natural Childbirth Education Consultant

Offering one on one prenatal classes to help parents prepare for their birth, including:

  • Maternal physiology,
  • Breathing techniques,
  • Pain management,
  • Breastfeeding preparation
  • Prenatal exercise routines.
  • Ho’oponopono cleaning practices and meditations.
  • etc.

These classes are charged separately, no minimum requires and can be used to answer any questions you feel have been unanswered by other classes and preparations.

EFT for birth preparation and

for addressing fears and past traumas.

 Eft is an incredibly versatile technique that can be used to reprogram our thoughts, memories fears and beliefs. Since our beliefs define our perceptions and interpretation of day to day experiences, they define our reality. Using simple EFT techniques it is possible to address and resolve limiting beliefs that present themselves as fear, anxiety, problems, stress, turmoil and insecurity.  Individual or group sessions can help to eliminate negative behavioural patterns in preparation for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and everything along the way. Clearing the karmic path of your past and making way for the best possible start to your new families life together. Learning eft with provide you with a practical portable tool to help cope with the most intense of experiences, from labour, to sleepless nights, engorged breasts and parenting life.

  • Release fears of childbirth
  • Release fears of pregnancy
  • Release trauma for past abuse
  • Release previous birth trauma
  • Find a new way to self sooth and stay calm
  • Embower yourself to peaceful parenting
  • Teach your children to self sooth
  • Overcome physical discomfort from cramps, swelling, morning sickness.
  • Address issues of self worth, body-image and being good enough
  • Come to terms with past mistakes, abortions, miscarriages etc.
  • Ease relationship tension
  • Handle craving
  • Resolve bad habits and set new positive routines.
  • Forgive yourself when everything does not go to plan
  • Resolve issues from your own childhood so that you do not have to pass them on to your kids.
  • Open yourself up to new solutions, alternatives and opportunities.
  • Clear resistance.
  • Augment dilation.
  • Defuse unpleasant situations
  • Erase tension
  • Take control of your emotions and your reactions
  • Surrender to contractions with ease
  • Postnatal weight loss
  • Breastfeeding abundance
  • Cope with disappointment, tragedy, loss and stress.

The applications are limitless.


Post-partum & Lactation Support

First 2 days Chile If you require my availability in your home for the first couple of days after the birth to help with nutrition, lactation, and infant care basics. Please note this is not available to everyone and will depend upon my prior commitments. Accommodation and expenses to be provided by the client.

Postpartum Support, Valdivia It is possible to purchase additional Postpartum support during the first 60 days. Postpartum support is charged per hour with a minimum number of 10 hours purchased. This includes consultation over the phone and via email.

Postpartum support includes:

  • Lactational Support
  • Preparation of nourishing meals
  • Baby care
  • Talking through your experiences
  • Babywearing Assistance
  • Mothercare
  • Family care
  • Troubleshooting
  • Information regarding postpartum exercise


 A $100.000CLP nonrefundable deposit is paid when you contract my services. Full payment (in cash of the agreed upon price) must be paid before labor. This can be divided into a maximum of 3 quotes.

Distance Doula Consultation

Where person to person doula support is unavailable distance doula consultation offers an alternative to help couples make preperations prior to the birth of their child, over the phone, email, text and skype. If this appeals to you then please use the contact form below to make an enquiery.


Jemmais Keval is a Professional Certified Doula, Doula Facilitator, EFT Practitioner and Ho’oponopono Coach, with a background in Biological Psychology, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, however she is not a Midwife, Doctor or Psychiatrist, she does not offer medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, clinical care or guarantee specific results. All clients are required to take full 100% responsible for their actions, decisions and the resulting outcomes.

Prices vary depending upon the needs of the client, the number of hours, location and whether the client requires prenatal, postpartum and /or birth doula services. Working on a sliding scale all services are subject to availability.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to request a quote.


Workshops will soon be available throughout the year on a number of topics relating to Female Reproductive Health, from Menstruation, to EFT, to Nutrition, Childbirth Preparation, Breastfeeding, and Womb Yoga.

 Please sign up to our mailing list, facebook page and consult our calendar to find out more about upcoming events.

Speaking Events

Jemmais Keval is available for speaking tours, lectures events and book tours.


Ho’oponopono Birth:
Meditations on Ho’oponopono for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Ho’oponopono Birth is the ultimate guide to reaching inner peace and freedom during a woman’s journey to motherhood. Through simple, healing, practical steps of Ho’oponopono meditations, the author, demonstrates how one can rid the mind of erroneous, flawed data and move forward with spiritual and emotional liberty. This release from negativity allows for the alignment with the Divine, which is a necessity for the mother-to-be to wholly participate in the sacred act of birth.

“As a mother of seven grown children, I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It goes well beyond helping a mother-to-be find serenity and enlightenment. It’ll have all readers reflecting on their choices and mind-set. Jemmais’ profound wisdom and insight are undeniable; a definite must-share with those around you.” Christa Geraghty

 Also available in Spanish, Portuguese and French:


A Doula’s Guide To Menstruation

Jemmais Keval, breaks the silence around menstruation in her book, A Doula’s Guide to Menstruation. This intensely rich discussion brings such insight and wisdom to the little talked about naturalness of menstruating. She boldly discusses unknown and often forgotten ancient beliefs and taboos associated with a female’s cycles and how even today we tend to have plenty of misinformation. Jemmais pulls back the layers of embarrassment and disdain over menstruation and shows us why this process should be celebrated and worshiped. It will have women taking back control of their menstruation and open their eyes to the wondrous world of being a womb-man.

“I truly thought that as a mother of four daughters I had covered everything there was to know about menstruation and a woman’s body. Wow, was I ever wrong. Reading this book has enlightened me immensely, and I am proud to be a woman that will go forward embracing the power of menstruation. I gifted each one of my daughters a copy, Thank you Jemmais.”

A Doula’s Guide To Nutrition

Jemmais Keval, the Ho’oponopono Doula™ graciously shares her extensive awareness and knowledge in her newest book “A Doula’s Guide to Nutrition.” This illuminating guidebook goes beyond the minutia of dieting and diets commonly pushed on consumers. Jemmais expertly conveys the message that nutrition is so much more than what we put in our mouths. Encompassing one’s attitude, eating habits and the ultimate care of our body and souls; this book will have you feeling your best from the inside, out.

“As a chef, I am always on the look-out for the latest and greatest on nutrition and diets. Jemmais’s newest book “A Doula’s Guide to Nutrition” has awakened me to the trueness of an oftentimes confusing area. You can hear the chatter about food and diets everywhere, so be warned, if you are seeking just another diet book, this is not the one for you. This book is one of advocacy for your body and soul. Jemmais’s keen awareness of nutrition will have you looking at food and your body’s needs in a whole new light. “A Doula’s Guide to Nutrition” is a must-read and will have you hungry for more of Jemmais’s insightfulness.”

A Doula’s Guide To The Placenta

Jemmais Keval, the Ho’oponopono Doula, does it again. Her abundance of knowledge regarding the female body and its power is eloquently shared in this latest book, “A Doula’s Guide to the Placenta.” It is a must-read for women who intend on birthing a child and are curious or uncertain of the placenta’s role and the many ways it can improve the process for both mother and baby. As Jemmais once more demonstrates how amazing the female body genuinely is and why women should have a profound love for themselves, her in-depth explanation of the placenta’s functions, importance and value cannot be overstated.

“I had no idea how important the placenta was until I read “A Doula’s Guide to the Placenta.” The Lotus Birth section was fascinating. Jemmais Keval is categorically one of the most important resources of information for women and their journeys through life. I would highly recommend and encourage any woman to read this book.”

A Doula’s Guide To Breastfeeding

“A Doula’s Guide to Breastfeeding” is an exceptionally valuable guidebook with a wealth of information for any woman desiring to breastfeed her child. Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho’oponopono Doula™ continues to enlighten her readers with such astuteness of her subject. Jemmais examines many of the issues surrounding the adventures of breastfeeding; whether it be the benefits, risks, complications or solutions, her book will offer you sound advice and recommendations. Without question, Jemmais’s compassionate fostering of women’s empowerment through breastfeeding their young is indisputable and praise-worthy.

“Ok ladies, get your nursing bras out, and your breast pumps ready, because Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho’oponopono Doula has written the perfect breastfeeding book “A Doula’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” This book will inspire and support you through the special time of breastfeeding your child and everything the journey brings. From the advantages of breastfeeding to the treatment of sore nipples, Jemmais delivers. Hands down, I would recommend this book to any woman contemplating the breastfeeding experience.”

A Doula’s Guide to Education

Another superlative addition to the book series by Jemmais Keval, the Ho’oponopono Doula. Her newest edition “A Doula’s Guide to Education” should be a statement to all parents to pay attention. Raising a child is the hardest job on Earth, and the role must not be taken lightly. Jemmais’s awareness of a child’s needs is clearly evident in her writing. Her book will provide an essential and vital foundation for raising a well-rounded, fully nurtured child. There is no question that with the issues facing today’s society, now is the time that parents take note. Jemmais’s authentic voice speaks to everyone involved in raising a child and should be a mandatory read for all adults.

“As a parent, I am immensely grateful for this book. Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho’oponopono Doula bestows her experience and sageness once again, this time on educating our children. “A Doula’s Guide to Education” is an absolute testament to the importance of providing our children with much more than a textbook education. I am certain that if we take Jemmais’s advice and instill in our children the many virtues she puts forth; our society will no longer be a populous of ‘broken adults.’”

Doula Doodles 1: a colouring book for Expectant Mothers, Doulas, Midwives and Birth Junkies

 If you love babies, birth, and breastfeeding, or if you just love moms to be then this is the coloring book for you. You won’t be able to put this coloring book down and it will help you while away the minutes the hours and the days. Filled with 30 unique and original hand-drawn illustrations to color, and 30 inspirational quotes celebrating pregnancy and motherhood, “Doula Doodles” transports you to a world of motherhood with paisley, henna, and zentangle. This is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know.

-30 original designs to colour!
– Various Levels Of Intricacy something for every skill level
-30 inspirational quotes
– Each Colouring Page Is Printed On One Sheet.
– Makes a Great Gift

To download a free PDF that you can print and colour at home Click Here .