Physiological Disadvantages of not Breastfeeding


Physiological Disadvantages of not Breastfeeding


  If a new mother does not breastfeed her child then her body will assume that the child has died and will cease lactating, and the milk will usually dry up within the first few days. When a mother chooses to bottle-feed her child rather than nursing, she is telling her body and her brain that her child is dead. This produces hormonal and neurological changes in the mother’s body, that literally put her into mourning. It is hardly surprising that many mothers who choose to bottle-feed their children rather than nurse develop postpartum depression and find it difficult to bond with their infant, since their body believes the child is deceased.






This post is an excerpt from Jemmais Keval-Baxters book A Doula’s Guide to Breastfeeding  which is available for purchase in Print and Kindle here. 

Desventajas Fisiológicas de No Amamantar


Si una madre no amamanta a su bebé, el cuerpo asumirá que el bebé ha muerto y dejará de producir leche, y la leche se secará dentro de los primeros días. Cuando una madre elije dar biberón en lugar de amamantarlo, le está diciendo a su cuerpo y a su cerebro que su hijo ha muerto. Esto produce cambios neurológicos y hormonales en el cuerpo de la madre, que literalmente la llevan a vivir un luto.  Es realmente sorprendente que muchas madres que eligen dar biberón a sus hijos en lugar de amamantarlos, desarrollan depresión post parto y tienen dificultados para lidiar con su hijo(a), ya que su cuerpo cree que su bebé ha fallecido.



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