Ho’oponopono Birth: Meditations on Ho’oponopono for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Ho'oponopono BirthKindle cover

“Ho’oponopono Birth” is the ultimate guide to reaching
inner peace and freedom during a woman’s journey to
motherhood. Through simple, healing, practical steps
of Ho’oponopono meditations, author, Jemmais Keval-
Baxter, the Ho’oponopono Doula TM demonstrates
how one can rid the mind of erroneous, flawed data
and move forward with spiritual and emotional liberty.
This release from negativity allows for the alignment
with the Divine which is a necessity for the motherto-
be to wholly participate in the sacred act of birth.
“As a mother of seven grown children, I would highly
recommend this book to everyone. It goes well beyond
helping a mother-to-be find serenity and enlightenment.
“Ho’oponopono Birth: Meditations on Ho’oponopono for Pregnancy and Childbirth” will have all readers reflecting on their choices and mindset. The profound wisdom and
insight of Jemmais are undeniable and tangible; a definite must share with those around you.

 Also Vailable in Spanish, Portugues and French:


A Doula’s Guide To Menstruation


Jemmais Keval, the Ho’oponopono Doula™, breaks the silence around menstruation in her book “A Doula’s Guide to Menstruation.” This intensely rich discussion brings such insight and wisdom to the little talked about naturalness of menstruating. Mrs. Keval boldly discusses unknown and often forgotten ancient beliefs and taboos associated with a female’s cycles and how even today we tend to have plenty of misinformation. Jemmais pulls back the layers of embarrassment and disdain over menstruation and shows us why this process should be celebrated and worshipped. It will have women taking back control of their menstruation and open their eyes to the wondrous world of being a womb-man.

“I truly thought as a mother of four daughters I had covered everything there was to know about menstruation and a woman’s body. Wow, was I ever wrong. Reading this book has enlightened me immensely, and I am proud to be a woman that will go forward embracing the power of menstruation. I gifted each one of my daughters a copy, Thank you Jemmais.”


A Doula’s Guide To Nutrition


Jemmais Keval, the Ho’oponopono Doula™ graciously shares her extensive awareness and knowledge in her newest book “A Doula’s Guide to Nutrition.” This illuminating guidebook goes beyond the minutia of dieting and diets commonly pushed on consumers. Jemmais expertly conveys the message that nutrition is so much more than what we put in our mouths. Encompassing one’s attitude, eating habits and the ultimate care of our body and souls; this book will have you feeling your best from the inside, out.

“As a chef, I am always on the look-out for the latest and greatest on nutrition and diets. Jemmais’s newest book “A Doula’s Guide to Nutrition” has awakened me to the trueness of an oftentimes confusing area. You can hear the chatter about food and diets everywhere, so be warned, if you are seeking just another diet book, this is not the one for you. This book is one of advocacy for your body and soul. Jemmais’s keen awareness of nutrition will have you looking at food and your body’s needs in a whole new light. “A Doula’s Guide to Nutrition” is a must-read and will have you hungry for more of Jemmais’s insightfulness.”

A Doula’s Guide To The Placenta

Jemmais Keva, the Ho’oponopono Doula™, does it again. Her abundance of knowledge regarding the female body and its power is eloquently shared in this latest book, “A Doula’s Guide to the Placenta.” It is a must-read for women who intend on birthing a child and are curious or uncertain of the placenta’s role and the many ways it can improve the process for both mother and baby. As Jemmais once more demonstrates how amazing the female body genuinely is and why women should have a profound love for themselves, her in-depth explanation of the placenta’s functions, importance and value cannot be overstated.

“I had no idea how important the placenta was until I read “A Doula’s Guide to the Placenta.” The Lotus Birth section was fascinating. Jemmais Keval is categorically one of the most important resources of information for women and their journeys through life. I would highly recommend and encourage any woman to read this book.”


A Doula’s Guide To Breastfeeding

“A Doula’s Guide to Breastfeeding” is an exceptionally valuable guidebook with a wealth of information for any woman desiring to breastfeed her child. Jemmais Keval, the Ho’oponopono Doula™ continues to enlighten her readers with such astuteness of her subject. Jemmais examines many of the issues surrounding the adventures of breastfeeding; whether it be the benefits, risks, complications or solutions, her book will offer you sound advice and recommendations. Without question, Jemmais’s compassionate fostering of women’s empowerment through breastfeeding their young is indisputable and praise-worthy.

“Ok ladies, get your nursing bras out, and your breast pumps ready, because Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho’oponopono Doula™ has written the perfect breastfeeding book “A Doula’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” This book will inspire and support you through the special time of breastfeeding your child and everything the journey brings. From the advantages of breastfeeding to the treatment of sore nipples, Jemmais delivers. Hands down, I would recommend this book to any woman contemplating the breastfeeding experience.”

A Doula’s Guide to Education

Another superlative addition to the book series by Jemmais Keval, the Ho’oponopono Doula.™ Her newest edition “A Doula’s Guide to Education” should be a statement to all parents to pay attention. Raising a child is the hardest job on Earth, and the role must not be taken lightly. Jemmais’s awareness of a child’s needs is clearly evident in her writing. Her book will provide an essential and vital foundation for raising a well-rounded, fully nurtured child. There is no question that with the issues facing today’s society, now is the time that parents take note. Jemmais’s authentic voice speaks to everyone involved in raising a child and should be a mandatory read for all adults.

“As a parent, I am immensely grateful for this book. Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho’oponopono Doula™ bestows her experience and sageness once again, this time on educating our children. “A Doula’s Guide to Education” is an absolute testament to the importance of providing our children with much more than a textbook education. I am certain that if we take Jemmais’s advice and instill in our children the many virtues she puts forth; our society will no longer be a populous of ‘broken adults.’”

Doula Doodles 1: a colouring book for expectant Mothers, Doulas, Midwives and Birthjunkies.

 Doula DoodlesIf you love babies, birth, and breastfeeding, or if you just love moms to be then this is the coloring book for you. You won’t be able to put this coloring book down and it will help you while away the minutes the hours and the days. Filled with 30 unique and original hand-drawn illustrations to color, and 30 inspirational quotes celebrating pregnancy and motherhood, “Doula Doodles” transports you to a world of motherhood with paisley, henna, and zentangle. This is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know.

-30 original designs to color!
– Various Levels Of Intricacy something for every skill level
-30 inspirational quotes
– Each Coloring Page Is Printed On One Sheet.
– Makes a Great Gift

To download a free PDF that you can print and color at home Click Here .